The Care and Mobility Show


The Care and Mobility Show is Ireland’s biggest event of its kind and is all about products and services for people with disabilities or those who need assistance with their mobility.

This annual event brings together the providers of products, services, advice and assistance, under one roof for two days, face to face with the very people who need them.

Enhancing Independence

Over half a million people in Ireland have some form of disability and half of those have difficulty with basic physical activities. Either through illness or simply because we get older, things become more difficult, tiring or awkward. But with a little assistance from the right products or services, we can continue to live independently. The Care and Mobility Show is the place to find what is available to help.

Working with Clinicians

To enhance the practical work skills and knowledge of therapists, health nurses and clinicians who work with clients who benefit from their assistance. The Care and Mobility Show 2015 also includes a one day CPD based conference for Occupational Therapists and one day Health Nurse Conference focused on Best Practice. A separate CPD Certified Training Course is also being provide for those with a specialist interest in Pressure Care.




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